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We guarantee that your purchase includes a repurposed brick capable of holding a straight 2 inch glass votive and 2 inch succulent. Succulents are of random variety and range from 1-2 inches. The brick will hold the succulent but will not provide a permanent living space as it will need to be replanted eventually due to size. Each brick will be one-of-a-kind and will feature an edition number when purchasing limited runs. 


Purchasing a brick artifact will supply you with a natural, one-of-a-kind design artifact with great care paid to preparing it for your home. Nonetheless, these artifacts are essentially “found objects” that come with unknown histories and from unknown circumstances. As with any refurbished or re-purposed item, exercise caution with your use of the brick. You are purchasing this object “as is” and agree that each unique brick will have it’s own aesthetic characteristics and history of exposure which may or may not be exactly what you expected. Brick history may include contact with old substances such as lead paint, or other materials that could be harmful. We clean and sand the surface, test with a lead check swab, then seal the bricks with clear sealant but for sake of transparency, you should of course exercise caution.

Over time any type of exposed brick can release small pieces of dust or chip or break when handled. Because of this natural function, don’t display your artifact in places that might subject the brick to forces which could cause any form of ingestion. It’s also advised to keep the brick out of reach of small children and animals for safe measure. These common sense measures are to ensure that you aren’t exposed to any accidental bits of clay or residues. Treat this object as an antique and make use of judicious common sense safety measures when handling a found object. 

Making a purchase with us is an agreement. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever caused resulting from your purchase. You agree to indemnify us against all actions, claims, proceedings, damages, costs and expenses arising from your purchase. 

We will use all our reasonable endeavors to complete any supply of services within any time estimate that we give. However, we will not be liable for any loss of damage suffered because of any unavoidable or reasonable delay in completion, including third party involvement.

If any of these concerns trouble you, do not agree to the terms. We will of course accept a return and refund your purchase within two weeks of your original purchase date should other issues arise such as breakage.



Each brick is unique. The appearance and aesthetic of each brick cannot be guaranteed or promised to match any particular style or color. Many bricks are chipped, cracked, aged, worn, have a heavy or dark patina, feature scratches, dents, and breakage. We guarantee each brick will be cleaned with a wire brush, sanded, scraped of large portions of old paint, recoated with white paint on a single side when fitting the edition type, engraved and numbered in limited edition when fitting the edition type, featuring core holes or augmentation to allow for candle and succulent placement, and a cork bottom.


We ship our glass votives and guarantee they will arrive safely unless mishandled by shipping services. If damage occurs during shipment please drop us a line.


Succulents arrive in random variety and will range from 1-2 inches. We cannot promise the type or size of succulent, only that it will arrive alive. Once the plant arrives at it's destination, it is your responsibility to nurture it and help it grow. We have included a print out of care tips inside your box.


We will accept returns within one month of original purchase but we do not accept returns for dead plants. Our plants are shipped alive and will arrive alive and happy :) We do not accept full returns for broken votives, a new votive can be sent in place of breakage which occurred during shipping. Please note that because we seek to donate proceeds after expenses to community initiatives we strive to avoid returns. Returning a product because the brick type or appearance does not match what you expected is not an acceptable reason for return as you are purchasing a unique item "as is" and we hope that you can love and appreciate the natural beauty of each brick. Marks, cracks, chips and wear are a sign of the history of the bricks and part of their beauty. Each brick is perfect for it's own reason.

Please contact us with any concerns.



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