Found & Antique Objects Care

Our brick artifact will supply you with a natural, one-of-a-kind design artifact with great care paid to preparing it for your home. Nonetheless, these artifacts are essentially “found objects.” Similar to buying an antiques founds objects come with unknown histories and you are purchasing the object “as is.” 

Our preparation process is quite thorough. We clean the bricks with wire brushes and diamond bit sanding tools. Next the bricks are cored out with powered hand tools and scraped of residual paint. One side of the brick is then coated with two layers of paint to highlight the engraving. After engraving our bricks are sealed in a clear coat epoxy using a fine mist sprayer recommended for porous masonry. Unlike paints or surface sealers, our Brick & Masonry Sealer does not form a surface film (coating) but seals the substrate internally and thus practically permanently. Our sealant is a polyester/polyurethane-based brick sealer which penetrates 2 to 4 inches into porous materials, fills up the pores and then hardens. It’s like injecting epoxy into the pores. This superior brick sealant keeps the lustre and patina natural and beautiful and is not sold in regular commercial stores.

Over time any type of exposed brick can release small pieces of dust or chip or break when handled. Because of this natural aspect, don’t display your artifact in places that might subject the brick to forces which could cause any form of ingestion, including dust ingestion. This is a design artifact, treat it as you would an antique. History is filled with unusual products, things like asbestos and lead paint. Despite our preparations, for the sake of transparency we recommend you exercise reasonable caution with found or antique objects by washing your hands with heavy handling and keeping it away from small children. 

If any of these concerns trouble you, we will of course accept a return and refund your purchase within one month of your purchase.

We recommend our bricks as indoor objects, although they should survive well outdoors too. The brick is protected by our sealant but it will still experience wear outdoors overtime. We can't recommend putting the bricks anywhere near food preparation areas but only because as with any antique or found object, you just are never 100% sure the history and we want to be super safe.

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For the resellers out there working with antiques and found objects, look at some guidelines for your products with this helpful article, and be completely honest and transparent with your customers.

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