What is your shipping policy?

We ship the cheapest rate, everytime. Shipping bricks is not cheap, it might be one of the worst choices of object to ship next to maybe anvils. To keep our costs down as low as possible, we ship flat rate at the cheapest available carrier at the time of shipping. Your order usually ships with 2-3 days and should arrive in about 7-10 days unless there are shipping carrier delays.


Your order usually ships with 2-3 days and should arrive in about 7-10 days unless there are shipping carrier delays.


We do not ship internationally.


We accept returns within one month from purchase date for items that are broken. We do not accept returns of bricks because of their aesthetic appearance as the patina, color, and weathering are unique for every brick. Packages are filled in sequential edition order and brick selection does not follow any guidelines beyond the edition count. You are purchasing this item "as is."

Broken items such as broken glass votives will receive a replacement votive, not an entire replacement kit. Broken bricks cannot be easily replaced as the sourcing of the material is subject to availability. There may not be any extra brick to send as a replacement.

We make sure to care for your succulents well while we have them, but the trip through the mail can be a bit rough for our tiny green friends. Follow the care tips included. Your plant will arrive alive from us, but after that the little buddy is yours to keep healthy, so please treat the green ones well, my friends! As these are live plants, we offer no warranty on succulents beyond our initial agreement to ship one live succulent between 1-2 inches to you.


A few tips about caring for your new succulent.

Remove the succulent as soon as you receive the package. Gently lift the succulent out of the planter and if necessary remove enough soil from the bottom of the succulent to allow a nice fit inside the brick without disturbing the roots. The succulent should sit flush or a little above the top of the hole. Pad down the soil gently into the brick.

  • Only water when the soil becomes completely dry. Test the soil with your fingertip to be sure it is dry. When watering  your succulent in the brick, use a spray bottle to lightly mist the top of the soil, do not pour water directly into the brick as they do not drain readily as a regular plant holder would.
  • Succulents need plenty of warmth and sun. When freshly removed from the packaging place  them into indirect or filtered sun for about a week. Do not place them into direct sun right away! Your new green friend needs a week or so to acclimate. 
  • Keep an eye on the new succulent and slowly re-acclimatize them to bright sunshine. Watch plant health as you introduce more sun and take care to avoid the leaves browning or burning out from too much sun. If the plant burns, reduce the amount of sun. 
  • Succulents do not like cold weather! Keep them inside, a good rule of thumb is keep them inside if it’s 50 degrees or lower.
  • Our plants will arrive to you alive, after that it’s up to you! Once your succulent outgrows the brick enclosure, transfer to a larger container and continue to enjoy your new green buddy!

I'm Scared About Lead

We can appreciate that, lead is bad stuff. Old homes, pipes, toys, jewelry, and many antiques contain lead. Resellers often sell objects with unknown histories, and our bricks are classified as an "as-is" object similar to an antique. We clean the bricks with wire brushes wearing HEPA filter masks and gloves and keep our work clothes separate from our everyday clothes. After cleaning the bricks are cored out and scraped of any visible paint. One side of the brick is then coated in two or more layers of paint to allow the engraving to show through. Next, small natural corks are inserted to block any through holes caused by drilling, a common occurrence.

Next our bricks are sealed in a clear coat epoxy using a fine mist sprayer as recommended for porous masonry. Unlike paints or surface sealers, our Brick & Masonry Sealer does not form a surface film (coating) but seals the substrate internally and thus practically permanently. Our sealant is a polyester/polyurethane based brick sealer which penetrates 2 to 4 inches into porous materials, fills up the pores and then hardens. It's like injecting epoxy into the pores. This superior brick sealant keeps the lustre and patina natural and beautiful and is not sold in regular commercial stores. 

Read more about our safety recommendations.