Our Mission

BrickXBrick.co sells handmade design artifacts to raise funds for community initiatives that improve the strength and unity of residents.

The Brick X Brick program serves as a creative entrepreneurship model that leverages low tech solutions, readily available supplies, and a focus on community to transform the impact of blight into an opportunity for resurgence. Your purchase is as much for a natural and beautiful design artifact as it is for this mission. Proceeds from your purchase are returned to community initiatives that seek to strengthen the lives and neighborhoods of those most affected by economic hardship.

Brick X Brick aims to re-contextualize the way we look at blight ownership and transform yesteryears hardships into todays prosperity. Our bricks come from the foundations of locales affected by blight, often homes or buildings that are condemned or marked for demolition. The condition of these bricks varies greatly and each piece is a unique and beautiful object with it’s own history.

The solution to blight is complicated, and this cuts to the core of why Brick X Brick exists. Simply removing blight materials is not going to alter the scenarios responsible for their original creation. Focusing our efforts on changing the lives of those who make up our communities for the better in order to establish a more stable, safer, and more compassionate world can lead to healthy, educated, engaged individuals. Knocking down dangerous buildings is a step towards improvement, but the actions of hardworking community members are what will ultimately alter the lives of youth, neighbors, and subsequently city policy. Brick X Brick is building foundations in support of these leaders.