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Building Foundations

We repurpose brick to revitalize our communities and spread our love of handcrafted design. Our bricks come from the foundations of locales affected by blight, often homes or buildings that are condemned or marked for demolition. Proceeds benefit community initiatives working to combat the impact of poverty, inequality, and blight. Each piece is crafted into a limited edition design artifact with a unique patina and history that will become a part of your home.

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Authentic Materials
& Quality Build

Our packaging was created with sustainability in mind. Created by hand and lovingly assembled, our packaging is made from a a sturdy and recyclable cardboard screenprinted by hand using nontoxic water-based inks, interior packaging is hand screenprinted and bound with renewable hemp rope. Each kit includes everything you need to set up right when your package arrives. 

What's Inside?



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Simple Modern Beauty

Each brick is culled from a story of hardship and worked into a story of strength. Lovingly crafted and repurposed by hand, these small run editions are built with the power of a united community in mind.

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